Anti-Choice Fervor Will Have Unintended Consequences

Pro-choice Activists Interface With Pro Life Rally ( Rally For Life)

The current issue of Free Inquiry, the world’s largest secular humanist magazine, published my article “Unintended Consequences: How evangelical protestants came to oppose abortion and why this will strengthen the pro-choice movement.

In the article, I explain why the Southern Baptist Convention reversed its 135-year pro-choice position after sanctioning countless numbers of abortions in prior centuries. Additionally, I document the mismatch between public rhetoric and private actions (more than 100,000 evangelical Protestant women have an abortion every year). Lastly, I predict a surge in support for the pro-choice movement in the United States due to the combined effects of secularism and disagreement with church teachings about abortion, racial and gender equality, LGBT rights, and politicization of many religious denominations.

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